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Mydlink Cloud Wireless N150 H.264 IR IP Camera with built-in Micro-SD Slot
D-Link Mydlink Cloud Wireless N150 H.264 IR IP Camera with built-in Micro-SD Slot

Mydlink Cloud Wireless N150 H.264 IR IP Camera
ราคา CCTV & Access Control D-Link

จากราคา ฿ 3,636
พิเศษ ขายเพียง ฿ 3,600
Update : Fri, Feb 6th, 2015
DLK-DCS-3710 IP Camera
D-Link DLK-DCS-3710 IP Camera
PN : DLK-DCS-3710

- High Resolution Surveillance - Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Applications - Multiple Video Streams - Flexible Connectivity - D-ViewCam™ for Management - Easy to Configure and Operate - Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF)
ราคา CCTV & Access Control D-Link

จากราคา ฿ 23,200
พิเศษ ขายเพียง ฿ 23,000
Update : Thu, Jan 30th, 2014
DLK-DCS-2132L IP Camera
D-Link DLK-DCS-2132L IP Camera
PN : DLK-DCS-2132L

- Keep an Eye on What Matters Most - Anywhere Access with mydlink™ - HD Video Quality - Instant E-mail Alerts and Auto-Recording - Night Vision Technology
ราคา CCTV & Access Control D-Link

จากราคา ฿ 6,190
พิเศษ ขายเพียง ฿ 6,100
Update : Thu, Jan 30th, 2014
DLK-DCS-220 Software
D-Link DLK-DCS-220 Software
PN : DLK-DCS-220

D-ViewCam Professional is a comprehensive IP surveillance software designed for SMB/Enterprise users. It centrally manages network cameras and offers video live view, recording and playback functions. D-ViewCam Professional provides backend VMS solution for IP surveillance projects, it is compatible with D-Link network cameras, NVR and 3rd party CMS.
ราคา CCTV & Access Control D-Link

จากราคา ฿ 86,000
พิเศษ ขายเพียง ฿ 78,000
Update : Thu, Jan 30th, 2014
DCS-2230 IP Camera
D-Link DCS-2230 IP Camera
PN : DCS-2230

- 24/7 Camera Surveillance - Wireless N Connectivity - Flexible Connectivity - Advanced Motion Detection - Two-Way Audio - ePTZ For Surveying Regions Of Interest - D-ViewCam™ for Management - Easy to Configure and Operate - Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF)
ราคา CCTV & Access Control D-Link

จากราคา ฿ 10,800
พิเศษ ขายเพียง ฿ 10,500
Update : Thu, Jan 30th, 2014
DLK-DCS-6010L IP Camera
D-Link DLK-DCS-6010L IP Camera
PN : DLK-DCS-6010L

- Keep an Eye on What Matters Most - D-ViewCam - Your Personal Surveillance System E-mail alerts Motion detection Scheduled recordings - Zero Configuration
ราคา CCTV & Access Control D-Link

จากราคา ฿ 12,300
พิเศษ ขายเพียง ฿ 12,200
Update : Thu, Jan 30th, 2014
DLK-DCS-6113 IP Camera
D-Link DLK-DCS-6113 IP Camera
PN : DLK-DCS-6113

D-Link’s DCS-6113 Full HD PoE Day/Night Fixed Dome Camera - with IR LED features industry-leading High-Definition (Full 1080p HD) Megapixel resolution and H.264 compression that enable high-quality video footage to be recorded. DCS-6113 connects to a network to provide high-quality live video over the Internet. This cameras also features a 3-axis inner bracket that allows for flexible observation area adjustment. With the free-bundled D ViewCam 32-channel recording software, this IP camera provides a complete solution for high-quality live viewing and reliable recording. The camera also have a built-in MicroSD card slot which can be used for local backup by storing important events on an easily retrievable MicroSD card.
ราคา CCTV & Access Control D-Link

จากราคา ฿ 17,300
พิเศษ ขายเพียง ฿ 16,900
Update : Thu, Jan 30th, 2014
DLK-DCS-3112 IP Camera
D-Link DLK-DCS-3112 IP Camera
PN : DLK-DCS-3112

- High Resolution Surveillance - Multiple Video Streams - Flexible Connectivity - Smart And Easy To Use
ราคา CCTV & Access Control D-Link

จากราคา ฿ 19,700
พิเศษ ขายเพียง ฿ 18,800
Update : Thu, Jan 30th, 2014
DLK-DCS-2130 IP Camera
D-Link DLK-DCS-2130 IP Camera
PN : DLK-DCS-2130

Camera Surveillance For Home & Office The DCS-2130 is a unique and versatile surveillance solution for your home or small office. Unlike a traditional webcam, the DCS-2130 is a complete system with a built-in CPU and web server that transmits high quality video images for security and surveillance. Simple installation and an intuitive web-based interface offer easy integration with your Ethernet or 802.11n wireless network. The DCS-2130 also comes with remote monitoring and motion detection features for a complete and cost-effective home security solution. Wireless N Connectivity The DCS-2130 includes 802.11n wireless for fast and easy integration into your existing network environment. Wireless N allows you to stream high quality video to remote sites and mobile devices. A Site Survey feature also allows you to view and connect to nearby wireless networks with ease. The DCS‑2130 also includes a standard Ethernet port for connections to traditional wired networks. ePTZ For Surveying Regions Of Interest The ePTZ feature allows users to select a target region for close-up viewing simply by clicking on the video feed displayed within their browser. ePTZ makes use of the camera’s megapixel resolution to survey a large area effortlessly. Since ePTZ requires no moving parts, there is no need to worry about the camera having mechanical failures. Easy To Configure And Operate This network camera supports the Universal Plug-n-Play feature, which allows computers running on Windows XP/Vista/7 to automatically recognize the camera and add it to the network. Sign up with one of the free Dynamic DNS services available on the web to assign a name and domain to the camera (e.g., and remotely access the camera without having to remember your IP address. You may also view up to 32 cameras from a central location using the included D-ViewCam software. D-ViewCam has a robust set of features including automated e-mail alerts which can instantly inform administrators of suspicious or unusual activities. Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) compliant The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is standards relating to open IP video networking. The DCS-2130 is ONVIF compliant and therefore interoperable with other manufacturer’s products on the same network such as cameras, storage systems, video analytics products and Video Management Systems. For more information on ONVIF and compatible D-Link network cameras, please click here. Centralised management with D-ViewCam™ The included D-Link D-ViewCam™ (DCS-100) is a sophisticated video management software which enables you to manage up to 32 network cameras, set e-mail alert notifications, create recording schedules, and trigger motion detection to record directly to your hard drive or network folder. D-ViewCam™ also allows you to upload a floor plan of your premises, and create a realistic layout according to the locations of your cameras, further simplifying the management process.
ราคา CCTV & Access Control D-Link

จากราคา ฿ 5,490
พิเศษ ขายเพียง ฿ 5,400
Update : Mon, Jan 27th, 2014
DLK-DNR-326 Network Video Recorder
D-Link DLK-DNR-326 Network Video Recorder
PN : DLK-DNR-326

2-Bay Professional Network Video Recorder
ราคา CCTV & Access Control D-Link

จากราคา ฿ 15,900
พิเศษ ขายเพียง ฿ 15,800
Update : Mon, Jan 27th, 2014

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